Solving Business problems with technology.


We love solving business problems and improve internal processes with technology by helping a business save time on their daily processes and recoup their investment on our solutions.
We build, supply and maintain technology solutions in the form of custom build web-based applications, websites & e-commerce systems.


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Breakdown of our services

We put pride in our work and perform each task or project with a passion. We are not limited by any of the listed services so if you have something unique we will be more than interested to find out more. We like things that tickle our minds. We like to experiment and take on a challenge.

Website Development

We are experts at developing websites. We develop simple to advance custom build sites.


We build online stores also known as e-Commerce platforms to sell your products or services online.


Get expert advice from us. A simple consultation can save you hundreds if not thousands down the line.

Speed Optimisation

Slow website? We can speed up your site so that you could get a better ranking on Google. Some of the sites we optimised loads between 700ms – 3 sec. You could lose almost 70% of potential customers after 4sec.


We offer maintenance in various packages. It would be best to contact us so that we can discuss what would suit your needs.

Web Applications

We build custom-based web applications and add it securely​ in the cloud.

Custom Coding / Programming

We are certified software developers and we welcome a good challenge.


We have a wide variety of hosting options that are fast, secure and stable. VPS and Dedicated solutions.

Security Optimisation

We can perform a security audit on your site and apply recommended practices. Setup SSL, two-factor authentication, firewall and make sure your file system has the correct file permissions.


We offer support to clients around the world on a daily basis. If you have anything specific that you need help with, please get in contact with us.

Our Project Execution Process

Every project we take on is carefully evaluated, planned, developed, tested and deliver with perfection in mind.


1. Project Requirements

In our meeting session, we will gather all the requirements for your project. We will evaluate and study your requirements and make recommendations.


2. Project Scope

Once we understand the context of your requirements we will build a Project Scope & Plan. We will also attach an estimate to review with you.


3. Development

We start developing the project. The work will be performed on a remote server. You will be invited to follow along and receive regular updates on the progress.


4. Quality Testing

Once the development of the project is completed it will be sent for Quality and Assurance Testing. In this stage, we test every to make sure all is working.


5. Deliverables

Once all our work is completed and tested the project is ready to be launch on your server of choice or we could also host it for you on of our optimised servers.


6. Maintenance & Support

We don’t leave our client’s in the cold and have flexible maintenance and support retainers that could be build just for your product to keep it updated, secure and stable.

We like to help

We build, support and maintain web applications, websites & e-commerce systems. We help our clients break new boundaries, help grow their businesses and increase their revenue with the assistance of our solutions.

Tickdbox is web development done right. We assist customers who truly value expert help and assistance. We are that helping hand you can count on. We understand service delivery and getting the job done right no matter what it takes. We practice professionalism, transparency & honesty at all times. We also assist the not-so-tech-savvy customer, because they are the most vulnerable to be scammed or cheated out of their money. We are here to make your life a breeze. We have the skills, the experiences, the testimonials, referrals & the respect of past clients to prove that you are in good hands. So lets us focus on and take care of your web application, website or e-commerce system so that you have more free time to focus on your business.


Skilled Professionals

We make it a priority to understand your problem or request, to in return supply a working solution.

As professionals, we don’t start a project without a deep understanding of what is required. We also don’t take on tasks we are not comfortable with or know if we will be able to deliver. We will take on tasks where we know we will be able to supply a working solution.


Web-Based Development

Web & Cloud-based applications.

We specialize in Custom Development of Websites, Content Management Systems, e-Commerce systems, Cloud-based Application and API integrations.

We convert old legacy type applications into web-based applications. For example, if you have been working off an excel spreadsheet we will convert it into an application for you. We will also develop new applications if you have a new business process or need to solve an existing problem.

Our Goals

Working Solution & Happy Clients

Our goal is to make sure our clients received value for their investment. That our work was delivered to the highest standards. Build a trusting relationship with our clients so that they know they can always count on us or reach out if they need assistance. Be always honest and transparent.

We pride in what we do, because not only do we love it, we also have fun doing it.

Always looking for a challenge

We are not depended on a software platform

Through the years we have worked on multiple platforms & frameworks. We are not tied in or dependent on a specific platform. After all it is just another tool to get the job done. We as “computer scientists” and would like to explore and help with current and new technologies.

We understand that developers move on to new opportunities and to find someone to fill that developer’s role can be daunting. So if you have a current framework or platform and require someone to assist you. We will be more than happy to listen, discuss, learn & adapt to your needs.


Ushi Pastel, USA


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Jeff Immer

Bryan Holladay


You are in good hands!

We are software developers, consultants, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, family guys, husbands, fathers & the odd bachelors that would like to tick all the correct boxes and bring you success and more business. How can we assist you today?


I am not technical?

We communicate in a normal language. Not in computer code or technical jargon. Each has its place and time.


We believe in honest business practises.

Transparency is the key ingredient here. Don’t take our word for it, please put us to the test.

Our Goals

We have a very simple goal.  We strive to provide an excellent service, every time.


We choose our options

We do not take on any project. We take on projects where we feel comfortable we can supply a well finish polished project. Projects where we can make a difference and bring value to the table.



We Listen

We listen and observe. After careful decision makings, investigation and a analysis, we will offer a unique solution.

We always give our best.

We believe we are very good at what we do for one simple reason. Limitations is a mindset problem. Research, Planning and Testing turns the impossible into the possible. We are not in this business to give up, We are in this business to be rewarded for our success and learn new things.