About us

Tickdbox is web development done right . A web development company that focuses on the client, his/her‘s business, problems & request. In return supply quality valued solutions. We make ourselves always available and contactable for clients as we understand the need to be reachable when needed. We also have a massive portfolio with many reviews to prove our statements, but we don’t let it go to our heads. We stay focused on the task at hand, because of our passion in web-development that drives us and most importantly because of happy clients that return for more work time after time.


Meet the team and more about us.

Tickdbox was founded to supply a premium service to customers that are serious about their businesses as we are serious about our solutions and service. This does not always mean premium pricing, because we believe that a small business or startup also deserve a quality solution that will give their customers a memorable experience. Our solutions will also make their business model much stronger and give them the ability or chance to compete in an already crowded market.


Anton de Villiers

Founder – Tickdbox

  • Single Page & Progressive Web Application Development.
  • Mobile Application Development(Android & iOS).
  • WordPress and WooCommerce Custom Developer Certified Expert since 2014.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/antondevilliers/
Email: [email protected]
Skype: anton_de_villiers

Marius de Villiers

  • Website & E-commerce Development.
  • Support

Email: [email protected]

From evident past experience.

Most customers only find good developers after much trial and error and much-wasted expenses. We want to change that and connect clients with skilled professionals from the start. You will know from the beginning that your investment will be in sound hands and you can rest assured you will get exactly what you were promised. We perform a risk assessment on every task or project we take on to make sure we will deliver at the end of the day. At this day in age, there is very little we can’t do as we constantly invest in further studies to supply our clients with the latest tech and proven solutions. Our work is guaranteed and comes with a warranty.



You are in good hands!

We are software/web developers, consultants, problem solvers & entrepreneurs that would like to tick all the correct boxes and supply you with a successful solution so that you can generate more business. How can we assist you today?


You don't have to be technical.

We communicate in a plain simple understandable language. Not in computer code or technical jargon. Each has its place and time.


We believe in honest business practises.

Transparency is the key ingredient here. We are transparent with our clients from the start so that there are no unexpected surprises along the way. We inform our clients of the expected outcome and any pitfalls we would need to cover.


Our Goals

We have a very simple goal.  We strive to provide an excellent service, every time.


We choose our options

We do not take on any project. We take on projects where we feel comfortable we can supply a well finish polished project. Projects where we can make a difference and bring value to the table.



We Listen

We listen and observe. After careful decision makings, investigation and a analysis, we will offer a unique solution.

We always give our best.

We believe we are very good at what we do for one simple reason. Limitations is a mindset problem. Research, Planning and Testing turns the impossible into the possible. We are not in this business to give up, We are in this business to be rewarded for our success and learn new things.