We have been implementing Bazaarvoice for many retail clients over the years. Our most famous integration is for WooCommerce via our own custom build plugin that dynamically injects the content into the product pages. Get in touch for a free non-obligation quote.

Bazaarvoice requires a unique integration into WooCommerce for example, since no 2 client’s setups are every the same. You might use product ID’s, but another client relies on product SKU’s  or even custom static ID’s. Also, each client has a different requirement to how Bazaarvoice needs to be implemented into the current product page layout. Second, the Bazaarvoice look/style needs to merge into the current brand identity of their product pages so that things don’t look out of place or confuse customers. Based on this, we accommodate each client requirements differently and tailor build out a integration for them exactly to their needs.

Bazaarvoice Options

We are well acquainted with all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of setting up Bazaarvoice

XML Product Feed

Manual or Automated XML product export & upload to Bazaarvoice server. Adhering to all Bazaarvoice XML requirements.

Dynamic Product Page Integration.

Our Bazaarvoice code is injected dynamically into each product page. In the correct load order, and renders the correct code based on certain conditions. It also allows for easy maintenances or requested changes.

Bazaarvoice Transactional Pixel

Capture of the order data, client data on checkout.


To render the Bazaarvoice Review, Question and Answer content for the Search Engine Robot when it scans your site. To imporve your SEO score.

Product Category Page

If you have product category pages, Bazaarvoice can be integrated into the archive pages to display the star rating under each product.

Bazaarvoice Container Page

Setup of a container page for your integration.

Bazaarvoice Easy As 1…2…3…

Let us perform your Bazaarvoice integration for you and we can guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Our setup involves creating a staging, clone copy of your site, to perform the development. You will also be able to view or test the functionality before we go live with the new integration.