WooCommerce Development

We have been specialising in custom WooCommerce Development, Maintenance & Support since 2014.


Custom WooCommerce Development is our niche.

Since 2014 doing custom WooCommerce development as a affiliated WooCommerce Expert (founder), we have done extensive development on almost any major WooCommerce extension. May that be a current extension or creating a new plugin for a new functionality that is not available. We have done most of it.

Not only do we do custom development, but we also design and build out new e-Commerce websites for clients, small or big. We also provide support and maintenance on new and existing WooCommerce client’s sites.

WooCommerce is our main product that we develop-on and provide maintenance and support on.

We know what we are doing.

Many thousands of hours have gone into crafting the technical skills to build a stable, well coded, sound solutions. These skills will not only save you thousands down the line but bring immense value to your business.

Through the years we have learned…

To choose the correct theme frameworks to rely on for support and updates.

To select plugins that work well with each other and certain theme frameworks.

To properly set up a theme, so it does not lose any custom changes with an update.

To perform updates correctly, without affecting a customer’s live website.

To get the best loading speed out of a website so that your site will rank high in an SERP

To customise a plugin to lose no changes in the next update. Making the plugin update safe.


Our Services

WooCommerce Template Design & Customisation

Customisations or newly designed WooCommerce Templates for product display or email.

Custom Developed WooCommerce (e-commerce) websites

We apply best-code-practise to every website development process.

WooCommerce Hosting & Migration

We also offer e-Commerce hosting. Our client’s websites is hosting on very vast VPS (virtual private server) server.

Website Speed Optimisation

We perform website speed optimisation so that your website will load very fast. We also offer CDN solutions.

WooCommerce & Plugin Customisation

Development of custom plugins or customise existing plugin solutions for clients.

Website Security & Hack Sites

Our customers websites is very secure behind a Website firewall & server firewall. We also fix websites that has been hacked.

Our typical development life cycle for a custom WooCommerce website.

In our first meeting(s) we will dive into the context of your requirements.
Then we will start to build an estimate around your requirements and supply optional options.
Once the project is approved we will start planning out the project.
We will first do wireframes with you to plan out the layout and design.
Design Phase.
Development (coding) of your project.
Responsive Styling (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile) of your project.
A working prototype is showcase to you.
Revisions are made and any software bugs will be rectified.
Quality Assurance Testings to make sure all is sound.
Once happy, your site will be transferred to a server and launched.
You will receive an additional Retainer or Maintenance estimate if it was not included in the first estimate.




In need of our services?

We would be more than happy to help with you 🙂